Judith Kimerling files a lawsuit on behalf of the Huaorani to ensure that the Chevron judgment is allocated to the real victims of the Texaco oil disaster in the Ecuadorian Amazon.



SELVA-Vida Sin Fronteras: 06/01/2014


Judith Kimerling is a Professor at The City University of New York (CUNY) Queens College.  After graduating from University of Michigan and Yale Law School, she worked for seven years as an environmental litigator, including five years as an Assistant Attorney General for New York State, where she worked on the Love Canal litigation and other hazardous waste cleanup litigation and negotiations.  In 1989, she moved to Ecuador and worked with indigenous organizations in the Amazon Rainforest to document the environmental and social impacts of oil development there.  Her findings and photographs first placed concerns about the impact of oil production on indigenous peoples and the environment in tropical forests on the international environmental and human rights policy agendas.  Her book Amazon Crude was called “the Silent Spring of Ecuador” by The New York Times.  In the U.S., it prompted a prominent class action lawsuit, Aguinda v. Texaco, Inc.

In 1997 Judy joined forces with Mariana Almeida and SELVA-Vida Sin Fronteras was born. SVSF’s oil monitoring program is built around Kimerling’s legacy and benefits greatly from her support and guidance.

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Editorial: SELVA-Vida Sin Fronteras


Editorial Committee

David Dunham

Arno Ambrosius

Gustavo López Ospina

Mariana Almeida

Pieter Jan Brouwer

Assistant: Emilia Romero

SELVA Vida Sin Fronteras acknowledges Kevin Schafer’s important contribution towards protecting the highly endangered Amazon pink fresh water dolphin. Title photographs of our “The Amazon Pink Dolphin’s Voice” were taken by Mr. Schafer. 



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