Paul Watson: Pirate, Eco-Terrorist or Activist?


Paul Watson: Pirate, Eco-Terrorist or Activist?

 RICHMOND HILL, ON–(Marketwired – April 10, 2013) –  There is no question that Paul Watson is a polarizing figure. His organization, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, whose mandate is “to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans” has raised the ire of the world’s whaling nations, primarily Japan, Norway and Iceland. Japan, despite the existing international whaling moratorium, continues to hunt hundreds of whales every year.

In Captain Paul Watson: Interview with a Pirate (April 2013, $24.95 paperback) Paul Watson reveals to shipmate Lamya Essemlali what has motivated him over the last 50 years in his fight to save whales and other marine creatures.

Watson talks about his personal relationships, the founding of Sea Shepherd and its activities around the world, recounts events from his childhood and early activism, and explains how his passions drive him to risk his life (as well, some argue, the lives of his shipmates) and his freedom.

Co-founder of Greenpeace when he was just 18, Watson was also the first man to intervene between a whale and a harpoon. Watson left Greenpeace in 1979. Here he goes into detail about his rocky 40-year relationship with Greenpeace that, like a bad divorce, continues to play out in the media.

He describes combative exchanges with whalers, commercial fishers, and governments and regulators that he believes are willfully ignoring their duty to protect nature, often flouting law and regulation in the process.

Watson is very adept at getting publicity for his campaigns; he talks about today’s news requiring entertainment value. He also wastes no energy on curbing his tongue, holding his opinion or making friends with his detractors.

Watson talks about a variety of topics, including:

  • his formative years
  • the founding of Sea Shepherd and its activities around the world
  • his personal relationships
  • the people who inspire him and his supporters
  • his definition of a pirate
  • the commercial whaling industry
  • the state of the oceans
  • the business of charities
  • the threats to whales and other marine creatures, such as sharks, bluefin tuna

Watson’s use of what he calls “aggressive non-violence” has successfully stopped or curtailed the activities of more than one whaling vessel and prevented the killing of hundreds of whales. But he has annoyed more than nations who hunt whales.

Sea Shepherd’s unconventional tactics have led to numerous attempts to stop them by way of court orders, injunctions and arrest warrants. But Watson has no intention of stopping.

Captain Paul Watson: Interview with a Pirate
is a pointed reminder to those who would seek to end his lifelong campaign. To those who question his tactics, it is an articulate explanation of Watson’s beliefs and a defense of his choices.

About the authors:

Paul Watson is the founder and leader of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Lamya Essemlali joined the Sea Shepherd crew in 2005 after meeting Paul Watson in Paris. She participated in seven campaigns at sea, four of which she coordinated alongside Paul Watson. She is the President of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society France.

Title: Captain Paul Watson: Interview with a Pirate

Author: Paul Watson with Lamya Essemlali

Pub date: April 2013

Format: paperback

Price: $24.95


Available at bookstores, online booksellers or

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