Canada is killing Seals: Urgently support PETA


Taxpayer-Subsidized Seal Hunt Begins Off Canada’s East Coast

Humane Society International Protect Seals team is on location to document the slaughter of baby seals

Humane Society International/Canada is on location to document cruelty at Canada’s commercial seal hunt, which opened in the ‘Front’ (the waters northeast of Newfoundland), half an hour before sunrise on Tuesday, April 9. 15 sealing vessels have hailed out to participate in the slaughter in the Front, eight for the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and three boats for an unknown destination.

“This is my fifteenth year observing the seal slaughter and we are filming the same kind of cruelty we always do. Baby seals are being shot in the face and crying out in agony, wounded seals are being allowed to escape into the water to die slowly, and helpless wounded pups are being beaten to death,” said Rebecca Aldworth, executive director of HSI/Canada. “The Canadian government wants the world to believe everything has changed but the seals are suffering as much as always.”

Last month, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador provided $3.6 million in financing so that sealers could be paid to kill seals despite a lack of global markets for seal products. Fisheries Minister Keith Ashfield has not yet announced the Total Allowable Catch for seals in 2013.

Earlier this year, Taiwan passed a historic ban on the trade in marine mammal products, including Canadian seal products. The European Union, Russia, the United States and other nations have also implemented prohibitions on the trade in seal products.

With global markets for seal products closing fast, HSI/Canada calls on the Canadian and provincial governments to support a federal buyout of the commercial sealing industry, which would involve ending the seal hunt, providing immediate compensation for sealers, and investing in economic alternatives in the communities involved.

Broadcast-quality video and stills of the 2013 commercial seal slaughter will be available.


– National polling consistently shows the overwhelming majority of Canadians want the commercial seal slaughter to end, and oppose the Canadian government using tax dollars to promote the sealing industry.

– 2010 Ipsos Reid polling shows that 50 percent of Newfoundland sealers holding an opinion support a federal sealing industry buyout, a plan in which sealers would be compensated for their licenses, and funds invested in economic alternatives in the communities involved.

– Harp seals are the primary target of the east coast commercial seal hunt.

– As ice dependent animals, seals rely on the sea ice to give birth to and nurse their pups. In recent years, sea ice cover has declined significantly off Canada’s east coast, and very high seal pup mortality has been recorded in key seal whelping areas.

– Government landings reports confirm that more than 98 percent of seals killed in Canada’s annual slaughter are less than 3 months old.

– Veterinary reports consistently reveal high levels of animal suffering in commercial sealing, and a 2013 veterinary study concluded bans on seal product trade are justified on ethical grounds.

– A leading Canadian government scientist has publicly called for a reduction in the harp seal quota of at least 100,000 to address the impacts of climate change on ice-dependent harp seals in recent years.

– Independent scientists warn that reckless kill levels authorized by the Canadian government, paired with the impacts of climate change on the ice dependent harp seals, poses a serious ecological threat to the survival of harp seal populations.

– Sealers are commercial fishermen who, on average, earn less than 5 percent of their annual incomes from sealing; the remainder comes from seafood such as crab, shrimp and lobster.

Source: Market Wired

Dear Selva,

Today marks the first day of this year’s annual commercial baby seal slaughter. We’ve reached a tipping point in the campaign, and victory is in sight—but we need your help. Because of the worldwide outcry, all major markets have banned seal-fur imports, including the European Union, the U.S., Mexico, Taiwan, and even Russia, which had been importing 95 percent of Canada’s seal fur. (Russia’s decision came after Pamela Anderson led an international appeal on PETA’s behalf.) Even local sentiment is turning, as you can see in this editorial, and a lack of markets has led Canadian officials to seriously examine whether the slaughter should end. And for the second year, Newfoundland will loan $3.6 million to a seal processing plant to boost the industry, even though reports show that hundreds of thousands of seal skins are already in storage.

The time is now to urge Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Keith Ashfield, Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird, and Minister of International Trade Ed Fast to put an immediate end to the commercial seal slaughter by supporting a government buyout.

Thanks for everything that you do to help animals!

Kind regards,

Dan Mathews
Senior Vice President
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Dear Selva,

The slaughter has started.

Baby seals are being clubbed and skinned alive as you read this message. After being beaten on the head, they are skinned and left to die. Their mothers look on in horror, wailing in the distance.

Please, donate now to PETA and help us make this the LAST seal slaughter.

It’s a gruesome and unbearably painful experience. Sealers use a heavy wooden club with a metal hook at the end to bludgeon the baby seals. Then they hook them in the eye, cheek, or mouth to avoid damaging their fur before dragging them across the ice. We can stop this with your help. 

Every donation puts us one step closer to ending this shameful, grotesque practice. Join 2,246 PETA supporters who have already stepped up, and together you’ll power our vigorous, no-holds-barred campaign to end the massacre.

Kind regards,
Ingrid Newkirk Signature
Ingrid E. Newkirk

Dear Selva,Right now, mother harp seals are experiencing one of life’s great wonders.

They are giving birth to wide-eyed seal pups on the ice floes off the East Coast of Canada. Just like our moms, these new mothers feel joy as well as a deep sense of responsibility toward their newborn pups.

Words fail to describe the immense horror that will follow just a few days from now.

Canadian sealers wielding clubs and guns will beat and shoot thousands of these baby seals. Seals will wail in terror as they watch their loved ones have their skin ripped from their bodies, sometimes while they are still alive.

Selva, we can’t let this happen again. Please donate to PETA now and help us end the bloody seal slaughter.

Thanks to your support, PETA is close to stopping this senseless massacre.

We’ve already helped shut down an estimated 95 percent of the global seal-fur market, including a total ban on seal products in the European Union.

But the Canadian government is lobbying to overturn that ban, all for political reasons. If it wins, more seals will die. When you donate today, you’ll help us do the following:

  • Hold headline-grabbing protests: We’ve helped shut down 95 percent of the seal-fur market because PETA members have helped raise awareness about the horrors of the seal slaughter. We know how to engage local and international media through our innovative, on-the-ground tactics.
  • Put pressure on European leaders: We’re holding meetings with trade representatives from Germany and other countries.
  • Target the Canadian government: Our international advocacy campaign is focused on keeping pressure on the Canadian government to end the slaughter. By mobilizing citizens in Canada and around the world to contact Prime Minister Stephen Harper, we can stop the killing.

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