The Amazon Pink Dolphin’s Voice: Two South American countries give green light to grant political asylum to Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson.


 Negotiations are underway between the Environment Mission and two South American countries to provide asylum and a safe haven for Captain Paul Watson.  After an in-depth analysis of the legal procedures in Germany vis-à-vis the Costa Rican extradition request, the potential threats to Captain Watson’s personal integrity in a Costa Rican Prison and the plausibility of the Central American Republic extraditing Sea Shepherd’s founder and President to Japan, all parties agreed that the human rights of Captain Watson are not being respected in accordance to the Universal Charter, ratified by the world community of nations, including Germany and Costa Rica.

 We are very pleased to inform that the two South American countries have given a green light to the Environment Mission to proceed and concretize Captain Watson’s status as a political refugee.  The case of Captain Watson will also be presented to the pertinent Human Rights commissions and organizations and will be placed on the agenda of the European Parliament.

“Remember, always, that it is the nature of a warrior to act. Do not be daunted by the formidable strength of the opposition. Do not be depressed by doom and gloom predictions. A true warrior must welcome challenge and transform the impossible into the possible. Because you are living in these trying times, it is your task to confront situations created by human ignorance and apathy, and focus your actions through love for the future and all the children of all the children of all species.” — Captain Paul Watson in “Earthforce!”

Japan sought Watson arrest in Germany

Japan asked Germany to arrest Paul Watson, the founder of anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd, days before he skipped bail and apparently fled the country.

The Japanese embassy in Berlin confirmed in a statement to The Associated Press that it submitted its request to German authorities on July 19.

Three days later Mr Watson – who was on €250,000 ($300,000) bail in Germany pending a separate extradition request from Costa Rica – last reported to authorities.

Mr Watson and his group have repeatedly clashed with fishing fleets they accuse of illegally hunting whales, sharks and other endangered sea animals.

Sea Shepherd said on Thursday the 61-year-old Canadian had left Germany and was now “in an undisclosed location”.

Sven Matthiessen, a spokesman for the group in Germany, said he himself did not know Mr Watson’s whereabouts.

But he said the group had been aware of Japan’s attempts to extradite Mr Watson.

“There is some sort of connection between the requests made by Japan and Costa Rica,” Mr Matthiessen told the AP.

A spokeswoman for Germany’s foreign ministry, where the Japanese request was filed, could not immediately comment on the case.

Mr Watson was first arrested on May 13 at Frankfurt Airport on a warrant from Costa Rica, which claimed he had endangered the crew of a fishing vessel a decade ago.

Sea Shepherd says Mr Watson was filming a documentary at the time of the alleged incident, which took place in Guatemalan waters in 2002.

The US-based group says it encountered an illegal shark-finning operation run by a Costa Rican ship, the Varadero, and told the crew to stop and head to port to be prosecuted.

The crew has accused Sea Shepherd of trying to kill them by ramming their ship.

Mr Watson has a history of confrontations with whalers and fishermen.

He left Greenpeace in 1977 to set up the more action-oriented Sea Shepherd.

The group has waged aggressive campaigns to protect whales, dolphins and other marine animals, prompting Japanese officials to labels its member terrorists.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald.

SELVA Vida Sin Fronteras acknowledges Kevin Schafer’s important contribution towards protecting the highly endangered Amazon pink fresh water dolphin. Title photographs of our “The Amazon Pink Dolphin’s Voice” were taken by Mr. Schafer. 


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4 Responses to “The Amazon Pink Dolphin’s Voice: Two South American countries give green light to grant political asylum to Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson.”

  1. Glad he has somewhere to go. Germany are going back to their non compassionate ways obviously bowing to the pressure of all countries, Japan. How corrupt. Why is Japan captains never taken into custody for their sinking and actually sinking a vessel in the Southern Oceans. Why. I put to Germany you are corrupt like Japan

    • We are working on it, and Paul will always have a safe haven given his invaluable work to protect the environment.

  2. This is awesome.. people and whole counties seeing this for what it TRULY IS!!!…. A witch hunt!! They go out and kill and destroy and it doesnt matter to them if it is whales, dolphins, sharks or HUMANS…. Japan, Costa Rica and Germany… SHAME ON EVERYONE OF YOU.. (I do know that all the people that are natives of these counties do NOT and did NOT want their countries to do what they have done…So Im not blaming all people in each of these countries)………… but the ones that are pushing for this 100% against the law and human rights… YOU all are I am convinced EVIL!! Nothing matters to you except money… and you will destroy and kill ever animal, every inch of this earth and human lives to GET your GREEDY EVIL hands on money… I honestly can say.. those that have pushed for Paul to be handed over to cosa rica … japan and germany… I have to say that I wish nothing but HARD times on those people involved.. Ive never done this before in my life.. NEVER… Ive never said.. Karma will get someone for doing the horrible things that are done to other living beings… But Now… I can’t say that anymore… I can no longer say thatI do not wish harm on certain humans… The reason being… They CARE NOT FOR LIFE.. and I MYSELF CARE NOT FOR THEIR LIVES!! And I do NOT feel bad about feeling this way anymore… People that do evil deeds.. get evil deeds done to them… and I hope that its blasted all over the NEWS worldwide when these people are being paid back ….

    • Energy always has to remain positive, and with this in mind we can jointly resolve the negative aspects of life.

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