The Shark’s Voice: Friend of the Sea leads ISSF members and Korean major tuna company to ban shark finning

Friend of the Sea leads ISSF members and Korean major tuna company to ban shark finning

In one fishing trip alone the crew had killed over 5000 sharks for fins, among which were endangered ones.

The Korean multinational officially explained that “shark business is only the procedure and a source to support crew’s income. We should consider seamen’s living which are doing hard work at sea for about a year parted from their families”.

Friend of the Sea has for several months alerted ISSF members, WWF and other tuna industry stakeholders, requesting action to lead the Korean and associated USA tuna companies to comply with basic environmental and social standards.

Finally, on the 1st of February 2012, ISSF introduced a Shark Fin ban measure which requests that “by September 2012, processors, traders, importers, transporters and others involved in the seafood industry, must refrain from transactions with vessels that carry out shark finning or with vessel owning companies that do not have a public policy prohibiting shark finning”.

“While this represents a very important achievement for Friend of the Sea” said Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Sea “only independent monitoring of the Korean vessels to verify compliance with the ban and humane treatment of the crew will confirm the change.

“We applaude ISSF’s initiative, which took into consideration the Friend of the Sea request and which will hopefully save hundreds of thousands of sharks from wasteful killing practices.”



~ by FSVSF Admin on 8 February, 2012.

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