The Amazon Pink Dolphin’s Voice: Mashco-Piro Tribe Appearance: Peru Reportedly Raids Illegal Logging Site

Mashco-Piro Tribe Appearance: Peru Reportedly Raids Illegal Logging Site

Mascho Piro

First Posted: 02/ 8/2012 4:29 pm Updated: 02/ 8/2012 4:39 pm

Advocacy group Survival International reports that Peru has raided an illegal logging site in the Manú National Park, where a previously uncontacted Amazon tribe was spotted two weeks ago.

Members of the Mashco-Piro tribe started to appear on the banks of a busy river and were blamed for bow-and-arrow attacks in the region, the Associated Press reports. According to scientists, their appearance may have been related to the activities of loggers and the appearance of low-flying aircraft in the tribe’s territory.

A group of men were arrested in the Peruvian operation, Survival International notes, and police uncovered more than 3,000 feet of harvested timber. The group also reports that a regional indigenous organization is planning to set up guard posts in the tribe’s territory to help protect them from intruders.

Carlos Soria, a professor at Lima’s Catholic University, told the AP that the Mashco-Piro are one of about 15 “uncontacted” tribes in Peru. Anthropologist Beatriz Huerta told the news service that she suspects the clan’s habitat is becoming less isolated and that the change may have contributed to the tribe’s move.

“It’s very clear that they don’t want people there,” she said.

Source: Huff Post

SELVA Vida Sin Fronteras acknowledges Kevin Schafer’s important contribution towards protecting the highly endangered Amazon pink fresh water dolphin. Title photographs of our “The Amazon Pink Dolphin’s Voice” were taken by Mr. Schafer. 




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