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VI—ivory from 100 percent plant-based materials—is a one-of-a-kind branded concept, derived from a unique collaboration between two organizations located in vastly different parts of the world. SELVA Vida Sin Fronteras, headquartered in the lush Ecuadorian Amazon, and Yes We Care, located in Rotterdam, the world’s third largest port, have joined forces to create this stunning product.

Vegetable ivory seeds, also known as tagua nuts, come from the vegetable ivory palm. This palm, in its natural setting, requires the upper canopy of the Rainforest for shade and nutrition. Thus, vegetable ivory processing is in harmony with—in fact, dependent on—the protection and preservation of the rainforest.

VI serves as an extension to existing product lines and can be used to increase and leverage brand equity. VI expands awareness of the brand name with which it is associated and increases profitability by allowing sellers to offer a new product category, namely ivory from renewable plant-based sources. Consumer research shows that customers interested in a traditional look as well as customers seeking more contemporary fashions would purchase VI, because it is a modern version of a classic style and it is luxurious and sustainable at the same time.

The Story

African elephants and the South American rain forest are both in danger of being wiped off the face of the earth. Poachers have cut African elephant populations in half according to some estimates, and the demand for polished ivory is pushing the planet’s “gentle giants” to the brink of extinction. Across the Atlantic, the Central and South American rainforest, home to over half the world’s species of plants, animals and insects, is being destroyed at a rate of 50 acres per minute, largely to clear land for meat, lumber, and other exports. But today there is new hope, as conscientious innovators from both ravaged regions have jointly developed products that could save both irreplaceable resources.

VI is creating an economic incentive within the heart of the Amazon to preserve the rainforest and its indigenous inhabitants. Audits have concluded that selling VI has resulted in per-householdincome of native Amazonians rising from $29 per month to $240 per month, and projections suggest that this figure will rise to $350 per month within three years and to $500 within five years.Thus, vegetable ivory serves to bring substantial relief to severely impoverished areas.Shockingly, during the last 50 years, Amazon indigenous communities have lost 90 percent of their population and 95 percent of their ancestral lands. Intertwined with the demise of the native Amazonian peoples has been the relentless destruction of the breadth, flora and fauna of the rainforest, which are now all in critical states.


Vegetable Ivory is not a new concept. In fact, tagua has been used for many years to make buttons, figurines and jewelry. More recently, palm ivory has been an ingredient in bagpipes. What makes VI stand out compared to other rainforest-based commercial endeavors is the degree to which its production is in accordance with natural cycles. Vegetable ivory is extracted only after it has performed its ecological functions—after humans, birds, tapirs, rodents, insects, and other denizens of the rainforest have consumed its fruit. The tagua nuts are harvested from the rainforest floor. VI is collected, processed and polished by Amazon indigenous communities. The end product is VI – which has a magnificent look, but may also be a key to restoring the Amazon rainforest and its human and nonhuman inhabitants. Instead of mafias stealing and destroying the wilderness, VI is a viable way to combine commerce with respect for the land and its dependents.


The partnership of SELVA Vida Sin Fronteras in the Amazon and Yes We Care in Europe is driven by the motivation, dedication, focus, knowledge, and principles of the individuals in each organization. Our team is our most valuable resource and the chief reason for our success. The accomplishments and the deep experience offered by our team members guarantee that every facet of the VI process is being maximized to the full potential.

Our team consists of two main groups:

Production group

Production group This group consists of the people involved with SELVA Vida Sin Fronteras Members of the group train the indigenous communities in how to identify, harvest and carve VI-based products. The group is headquartered in Quito, Ecuador. Its activities are concentrated in a region that includes the headwaters of the Amazon Rainforest and River Basin. The production group’s philosophy is “Harmonizing Nature and Human Activity.”

Marketing group

This group is comprised of Yes We Care personnel. It creates the marketing campaigns, oversees the selling of VI, and handles all public relations and press-related matters. The marketing group’s headquarters is in Rotterdam, and it also has a base in California, in the U.S.. The group’s connections with universities and committed students all over the world widens the scope and strengthens the impact of VI.


VI is highly configurable. For example, it can be shaped into a jewelry component (such as the beautiful bead in the picture) for necklaces, earrings and watches, or into figurines to add appeal to ceramic or metalstatuary. In fact, VI can be formed into any shape you like. Due to its enormous flexibility and its aesthetic, environmental and humanitarian qualities, VIcan be a valuable enhancement to any brand or product line.

VI has superior quality standards. The product has the same hardness as animal ivory. It comes in a natural ivory color, but through the use of natural dye from the Amazon it can be produced in any color desired. It can be carved and shaped into every form imaginable. The unlimited applications of VI, combined with its elegance and sustainability throughout the entire manufacturing process, gives power to the VI slogan: VI truly is the secret to all beauty.

Are you interested in discussing the possibilities of VI for your business? We are happy to answer any questions you have, and help you explore profitable ways in which VI can extend or enhance your current product offerings. Get in touch with us and we will contact you right away.





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