Brazil plans eco-summit move over Jubilee clash

The Brazilian government is likely to move the dates of a key UN environment summit, as a clash with the UK Royal Jubilee threatens to keep leaders away.

The Rio+20 summit, seen as a chance to put the global economy on a sustainable track, is scheduled for 4-6 June 2012, co-inciding with the Diamond Jubilee. That jeopardises the attendance of leaders from 54 Commonwealth nations.  Commonwealth and G20 governments have asked Brazil to solve the problem, and a two-week postponement is now likely.

The Brazilian government will confirm the proposed new dates of 20-22 June by the end of November. Rio+20 falls 20 years after the first Earth Summit in the Brazilian city, and 40 years after the very first UN environment summit in Stockholm in 1972.

How to “green” the global economy to slow the rate of environmental degradation will be one of the major themes. Elizabeth Thompson, the former Barbadian environment and energy minister who is one of the UN’s executive co-ordinators for the summit, suggested the postponement would boost attendance.

“We knew the date was presenting difficulties for members of the Commonwealth, and this should be a good way of enabling more of their leaders to attend,” she told BBC News.

“Attendance by developing countries, including members of the Commonwealth, is critical.”


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