Visit at SELVA by Per Ranestad, financer of the river ambulance project

Wednesday the 21th of September we had an important visit from Per Ranestad at SELVA-Vida Sin Fronteras. Per Ranestad is the regional director of the Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs (APN) for Latin America and the Caribbean. He paid us a visit at our office of SELVA Vida Sin Fronteras. During his visit we presented Mr. Ranestad what we have been doing since we are working for Selva.  This includes bamboo projects, tagua projects, the marketing of a competition in which SELVA was participating to earn money for the indigenous people in the Amazon. And last but not least the river ambulance which is financed by Per Ranestad.

This information was presented to Mr. Ranestad in a powerpoint presentation, we showed him pictures of our work and the development of the projects.  Since we arrived here on the 29th of  August we have seen how the trailer of the riverboat ambulance has been developed. We have made pictures of every development. So when Mr. Ranestad visited us, we showed him the pictures of the riverboat ambulance trailer from the start till it was finished. After giving Per Ranestad information about our work we went outside.  He got the honor to paint his name on the trailer so he will always be remembered when the riverboat ambulance is being used. This is to show how much we appreciate the help of Mr. Ranestad and everything he has done for SELVA Vida Sin Fronteras.

The financial help of Per Ranestad was very useful. At this moment the trailer for the river ambulance is finished. With the different heights of the water level it will now be easier to load the boat in and out of the water. This will be very useful when the riverboat ambulance will be used. This boat will help the indigenous communities in the rainforest when they need medical help. The indigenous people live far away from medical help and they don’t earn a lot of money per month. That is why they need this riverboat ambulance so badly. Normally they would have to pay a lot of money for transportation to a hospital but because of the river ambulance they can be transported to a hospital for free. And in cooperation with a hospital they will get the medical help that they need. Thanks to Mr. Ranestad SELVA we can help the indigenous communities in the rainforest. And for us, students working for SELVA, it is an honor to have met him. Per Ranestad  is helping the indigenous communities against their extreme poverty and poor health. We hope that in the future many people will follow and help these communities, because they really need our help!


~ by FSVSF Admin on 6 October, 2011.

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