Branson Urges Chinese Not To Eat Shark Fin

Sir Richard Branson has launched a campaign in Shanghai to urge the Chinese to stop eating shark fin.
The British businessman is shown snorkelling with a whale shark in a new public service announcement that will air on Chinese television.
“There’s been a massive increase in shark fin soup and the killing of sharks,” he told a press conference in Shanghai.
“The world is getting wealthier, particularly in China people are getting wealthier and they can now afford to buy shark fin soup. It is a major problem.”
The Virgin boss added: “Global action is needed and there is a huge leadership opportunity for China in the area of shark conservation.” 

Environmentalists said up to 100 million sharks are killed for their fins every year, with 95% ending up on Chinese dinner tables.
The fins are eaten in a soup and are said to have medicinal properties.
At up to 300lbs a kilo, they are increasingly popular with China’s new rich.
But environmental groups said hunting sharks for their fins is cruel and wasteful.
In many cases, the fins are cut off while the shark is still alive, before the creature is thrown back into the sea and left to die. 

Though Mr Branson is not well known in China, he has teamed up with one of the most famous men in the country – basketball star Yao Ming.
Yao has campaigned against shark hunting since 2006 and has persuaded many Chinese people to give up the dish.
The player, who retired in July, said: “When demand happens, the buying happens and the killing happens.”
About 20 countries and regions have imposed regulations on finning or commercial shark fishing.
Earlier this month, California imposed a ban on the trade. China regulates dealings in and harvesting of sharks but has not banned it.


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