Please, can you help Selva Ivory winning a price!

We, 5 students, part of Fundación SELVA-Vida Sin Fronteras need your support!
We entered a Dutch contest for charities and we need to win!

If you support our project and want to vote for us, we would be very grateful.
The site is unfortunately in Dutch because It is a Dutch contest. But don’t worry, we will guide you through the voting process.
Today, thursday 22 september, is the last day that you can vote!

Step 1: Go to:
Step 2: Click on the red button: ‘Word ook Lid’  (translated: become a member)
Step 3: Enter your name and e-mail
Step 4:  tick the box: ‘Ik ga akkoord met de algemene voorwaarden’ ( I accept the general conditions)
don’t tick the box: ‘meld mij aan voor de nieuwsbrief’ (translated: register me for the newsletter)
Step 5: You are now logged in, you don’t have to activate your account.
–             Go to the next website: redt-de-indianen-van-hun-ondergang     and click on the green button that says: stem (vote)
–                 Another way to vote is to register and then type in the search bar: Selva Ivory
Click on: ‘Selva Ivory redt the indianen van hun ondergang’ and then click on the green  vote button.
Step 6: You have voted, thanks for your help trying to make this project a succes!

This is the explanation of what is said about Selva ivory on the website.

Selva Ivory, Help the indigenous people in the rainforest

Selva Ivory is ivory that doesn’t come from an elephant, but from the tagua nut. The tagua nut is found and processed by the indigenous people in de Amazon of Ecuador, who make beautiful designs out of it. We want to find a good market for these designs so the Indians can live a better life. There is some serious poverty in the rainforest. Because we give the Indians a fair price for their products, they can keep on living in the Amazon and make sure the Amazon will remain intact and oil companies won’t take over the Amazon.


The extreme poverty of the Indians in the Amazon of Ecuador, who lost 92% of their land in the last 50 years to oil companies. Because of the pollution of the waste materials that the oil companies causes, the living area of the Indians is affected, which threatens them with extinction.


To support the Indians and their living area. From the money they are earning with our project, they can get better living conditions, and they can keep on living an independent live. So they won’t be influenced by oil companies or other companies who are trying to pollute or touch/harm the rainforest.


If we would win the 10.000 euro, we will use this money for the society of the indigenous people in de Amazon. We will make sure that de indigenous people and the rainforest will remain untouched. This is not only good for them, but also for us and our children. Cause did you know that 40% of the oxygen that you breath in, comes from the trees in the Amazon rainforest. Also 18% of the rain in the world comes from the same rainforest! And without water we are not able to survive…


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