NRDC: Don’t Get Fracked

Steps to Keep You and Your Family Safe from Drilling

Drilling for natural gas is growing across the United States. The use of hydraulic fracturing has opened up gas shale resources in many parts of the country where drilling was not previously occurring. Although drilling can create jobs and income, many fear the effects of drilling on their health, land and quality of life. Current laws need to be changed to catch up with the drilling explosion.

In the meantime, you can act now to protect yourself and your family. These pages provide tools to learn about

  • The drilling planned for your community
  • The harm drilling can cause
  • Steps you can take to limit the dangers to yourself and your family
  • Resources in each state in which drilling is or is likely to occur.

Role of Natural Gas in America’s Energy Future

NRDC is working to ensure that, as a nation, our top priorities are energy efficiency and renewable energy. But let’s be honest — while natural gas is a dirty fossil fuel, we can’t just turn it off tomorrow. That’s why we have to do better.

Americans should not have to trade their safe drinking water for natural gas. We can and must get safeguards on the books to protect against the impacts of fracking-gone-wrong that we are watching unfold across the country. By addressing the impacts of drilling, we can help protect Americans’ health and communities while we transition to cleaner energy sources that will power our nation into the future.


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