Protect the George Washington National Forest

Dear SELVA-Vida Sin Fronteras,

We need your help to save vulnerable wildlife habitat in the George Washington National Forest from being industrialized and destroyed!

Please tell officials at the Forest Service <>  to reject any plans for the George Washington National Forest that call for irresponsible natural gas drilling and commercial logging. 

The Forest Service is now inviting public comments on a ten-to-fifteen-year management plan for the national forest that could include hundreds of new natural gas wells and increased logging.

Drilling this forest would be a disaster.

Located less than 100 miles from Washington, DC and spanning more than 1 million acres in Virginia and West Virginia, this national forest is a recreational oasis for millions of people in a densely populated region.

Home to the headwaters of the Potomac and James Rivers, the forest also supplies clean drinking water to local communities and contains vital habitat for many species, including the endangered Indiana bat, black bears, wild brook trout, ruffed grouse, and countless migratory songbirds.

Please make your voice heard and help protect the George Washington National Forest from irresponsible industrial development.

Send a message <> urging the Forest Service to preserve the wild nature of the George Washington National Forest for future generations to enjoy.

Thanks for taking action to save our national forests.


Frances Beinecke

Natural Resources Defense Council 


~ by FSVSF Admin on 12 September, 2011.

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