Danielle Neeleman: Meeting with the Dutch Ambassador

Today we had an appointment with the ambassador of the Dutch embassy. So we left the house all dressed up and nice. We were supposed to meet him at11 o’clockbut due to traffic jams and a car accident we got there 15minutes late. Luckily this was no problem.

When we arrived at the embassy the assistant of the ambassador welcomed us and showed us the way. Once at his office we were immediately asked if we wanted to drink something and to take a seat.

He found it very nice that we came over to bring him a visit and asked us the reason of our stay in Ecuador. We told him that we are from the ‘Rotterdam University of Applied Siences’ and that we are here for our placement at Selva-Vida Sin Fronteras. He didn’t recognise the name straightaway but when we mentioned the name Pieter Brouwer he did. He heard about the Selva lodges in the jungle. And he knew about the tagua (vegetable ivory), he once got a nativity scene as a present made of tagua from Colombia.

We explained about the different projects of  Selva that we are going to work on. And that we are going into the jungle for our first 22 day next Monday already. He was very interested and invited us to his place for a drink after we come back from the jungle. This was very nice of  him but we wanted to let him come over to our place. This way he can also see were we live and work. He liked this idea as well and asked if  it was okay to bring his wife along because she would like to know more about these projects as well as she is also very interested in these things.

He told us about the Yasumí national park in Ecuadorand that they found a lot of oil in the ground there but it is not aloud to take it because it’s a protected area. Now they are trying to get support from other countries like the US as a compensation for the incomes they are missing.

He also told us that the new government wants to close 11 embassies because of financial reasons. The Dutch embassy is one of them, from February on you need to go to Lima, Peru if you need the embassy.

At the end of the meeting we thanked him and gave a small present that we brought from The Netherlands, Dutch stroopwafels (kind of caramelwaffles). He was very pleased with this present and thanked us for it. He would share it with everyone at the embassy.


~ by FSVSF Admin on 8 September, 2011.

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