Save Japan Dolphins Day Kicks Off In Taiji

01 September makes the start of the infamous dolphin slaughter season in Japan. Around the world, activists are gathering in their own ways to mark the day with protests, prayers, and initiatives aimed at spreading awareness on the issue.

Ric O’Barry, one the world’s leading dolphin activists, ventured to Taiji, Japan this morning to view the killing cove and lead a prayer group in marking the occasion. “With the rain pouring down, we made a circle and bowed our heads for a moment of silent prayer for the souls of the dolphins that would be killed in Taiji this season,” he wrote.

Despite the regional police conducting drills earlier this summer in an effort to control “foreigners” protesting the hunt, O’Barry said they were nothing but respectful towards the group. “I am very happy to report that the Wakayama police acted in a very professional and friendly manner,” he added.

Earlier this week, Sea Shepherd announced “Operation Infinite Patience: Return of the Cove Guardians“, saying that they once again intend to have a second-wave of volunteers come to Taiji over the next six months to non-violently “intimidate, intervene, harass, and considerably slow down the dolphin killing.”

“Sea Shepherd will provide the leadership and the advice required to maintain the operation within the working guidelines and parameters of Japanese law,” a release reads. “It is a delicate line to walk, managing to push the envelope, while being aggressive yet lawful, but most importantly, demonstrating to Japan and the rest of the world that the dolphins of Taiji will never again be slain out of sight and out of mind.”

Those willing to partake at their own expense and risk, should visit this page for more details.



~ by FSVSF Admin on 6 September, 2011.

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