Correa Government: “ If the executive would control the justice, Mr. Acacho would still be in jail.”

In an interview today published in Diario Hoy, Mr. Alexis Mera, President Correa’s Justice Secretary and former advisor of President Febres Cordero stated that:
“ If the executive would control the justice (legal system), Mr. Acacho ( Pepe, Shuar leader) would still be in jail, but now he is in his home.”

What exactly is the Secretary of Justice suggesting?

Is Mr. Mera implying that one is guilty until proven innocent?

Is Mr. Mera attempting to cover up the legal blunders made by Mr. Vera, the Minister of Government and President of the Guayasamin Foundation, during the illegal arrest of Mr. Acacho? The Habeas Corpus specifically outlines the glaring legal errors committed by the Correa government when jailing Mr. Acacho and two other Shuar leaders. Or does Mr. Mera consider that the army and police do not have to abide to legal procedures when arresting indigenous leaders?

After all, it would not be the first time this has happened under the present regime. Former Government Minister Larrea, upon President Correa’s insistence, attempted to apply exactly the same procedures when arresting Sea Shepherd representative, Mr. Sean O’Hearn. Only the opportune intervention of Captain Watson and Mrs. Mariana Almeida convinced former Mayor of Quito, General Paco Moncayo, to grant Habeas Corpus and negate government attempts to deport Mr. O’Hearn.
Is Mr. Mera negating the Universal Charter of Human Rights, ratified by the Ecuadorian state?
Is Mr. Mera sending a signal to Amazon Indigenous communities of what they may expect if they continue to oppose oil and mining interests?
Plausibly Mr. Mera was inspired by yesterday’s televised message of Mr. Saif al-Islam Khadafy to the people of Libya.

These are not comforting statements made by Mr. Correa’s right hand man, and they loom ominous should the Government win their upcoming referendum, which would permit President Correa and Mr. Mera to control the legal system for a minimum of 18 months.


~ by FSVSF Admin on 21 February, 2011.

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